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Elder Exploitation

Judith A. Frankel, Attorney At Law - Elder Exploitation Attorney Miami Beach

Broward/Miami/ Miami Beach, Florida elder exploitation civil recovery attorney

Elder exploitation

The words are ominous.  The most common form of exploitation is economic either by unauthorized use of the credit card, writing checks or even more grievous, influencing the victim by intimation, confusion or subterfuge to sign a quit claim deed transferring the property out of the victim’s name.  The Miami-Dade Clerk’s office will send a letter to the victim when a quit claim deed is recorded.  At that moment the victim feels embarrassed, depressed, helpless thinking that their home has been lost. 

Not so.  At the law offices of Judith A.  Frankel, we have successful litigated the return of the property based on fraud, misrepresentation, undue influence, over reaching.  Although there is a possibility that the matter can be prosecuted as a 3rd degree felony, a prosecution won’t get the home transferred back.  We work with our clients to resolve unauthorized credit card charges and assist in assuring that the client regains control of the checking and savings accounts.

If you know of a family member, friend or member of your congregation that may have been a victim of elder exploitation, call or e-mail the office of JUDITH A.  FRANKEL to arrange a conference.  Our office is centrally located on Miami Beach.  Our office telephone number is 305-867-1313 or e-mail us at