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Personal Statement

Judith A. Frankel, Attorney At Law

With over 35 years of experience of probate administration, estate planning, preparation of advance directives and family testamentary counseling, as well as resolving title problems involving quiet title suits, my practice is dedicated to handling matters efficiently and beneficially for my clients. The goal is to manage time so as to deliver my services to my clients at a cost which is lower than a large firm would need to bill. 

Working with clients means maintaining communications, developing a flow of information.  My philosophy is to “stay in touch” but also respect each other’s time.  This office strives to speedily return telephone calls so as to answer the questions about the documents sent to be signed or resolve problems as their may arise. 

As a sole practitioner, my office considers client satisfaction as our prime objective.  My mission is to provide personal attention throughout each phase of the process. I work with the client to identify the goals and objectives given the facts and circumstances requiring my services.  We are a team and as a team we understand and respect that no outcome is guaranteed but as a team we work to achieve a satisfactory result.

Judith A.  Frankel, attorney at law
Miami Beach, Florida
Telephone 305-867-1313
Fax: 305-861-1111